How did you start off 2018? Got your goals sorted? Are you trying the ‘one word theme’ for the year?

I love new beginnings, starting a new notebook, a new writing project, and a new year! ANYTHING could happen. So on the first day of the year, I always try to cram in all the things that I want as habits throughout the year. My day was crazy! I read a book, went to the gym, walked the dogs, wrote scenes for my story, recorded positive affirmations, organised my new planner, ate vegetarian, cleaned the house and played Dungeons & Dragons with my family. It was my busiest day ever, and I loved it.

Like most writers, I want more. More writing, more book sales, more contacts with other writers, more opportunities to study, more family time, more results in my classroom, more chances to inspire others. As a result, I get less. Less time.

So this year, my one word theme will be:

theme for writers

I’m cutting out all the extras. Simplify is my new mantra, I’m even cutting my goals down to three focus areas:


What are you doing to inspire your 2018 self?


Many writers downloaded my 2018 planner inserts (you can still download them for free from the sidebar), I hope they help to inspire you to write everyday. Matilda, my teen planner assistant, had so much fun creating planner inserts that she opened her own Etsy store. I love how she’s making goals and putting them into action. She has many different designs and is even making sales. You’ll find Matilda at iTeenGeek.

2018 planner inserts

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