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Here are the PRINTING INSTRUCTIONS with screen shots of printer settings.

Please enjoy your 2017 Writer’s Planner. This planner is designed just for writers, so you can have a productive and creative year! Simply click on the image or HERE.

free 2018 planner


With a week to a page, you’ll never miss your appointments, but will also be prompted to keep those words flowing and get those projects finished. There’s also room for the other aspects of our lives, family, home, etc.

Be inspired by the weekly quotes.

I’ve placed the hole marks where the A5 Filofax clips, but you could use other brands, or print it in A4 and use a regular ring binder (just use a page from your existing binder as a template to show you where to punch your holes – you can even use Washi tape to cover the hole marks I’ve made). On the last page, you’ll find the Tasks list template. Print that separately, you’ll want several copies.

For the planner, I print mine double sided, you could try two to a page or booklet printing (you might just have to change where you punch the holes slightly). I put a task list between my weekly spread, so it’s not in the way, and if everything doesn’t get done, I can just move it to the next week. You can download the task list I use HERE.

free download planner insert task listI hope you love your planner as much I do, and please do feel free to send me feedback, so I can make sure 2019’s planner is ready in plenty of time… and perfect for you!

To stay super organised, I keep a list of important events at the front of my planner, organised by months. You can also download this HERE.

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