How did you start off 2018? Got your goals sorted? Are you trying the ‘one word theme’ for the year?

I love new beginnings, starting a new notebook, a new writing project, and a new year! ANYTHING could happen. So on the first day of the year, I always try to cram in all the things that I want as habits throughout the year. My day was crazy! I read a book, went to the gym, walked the dogs, wrote scenes for my story, recorded positive affirmations, organised my new planner, ate vegetarian, cleaned the house and played Dungeons & Dragons with my family. It was my busiest day ever, and I loved it.

Like most writers, I want more. More writing, more book sales, more contacts with other writers, more opportunities to study, more family time, more results in my classroom, more chances to inspire others. As a result, I get less. Less time.

So this year, my one word theme will be:

theme for writers

I’m cutting out all the extras. Simplify is my new mantra, I’m even cutting my goals down to three focus areas:


What are you doing to inspire your 2018 self?


Many writers downloaded my 2018 planner inserts (you can still download them for free from the sidebar), I hope they help to inspire you to write everyday. Matilda, my teen planner assistant, had so much fun creating planner inserts that she opened her own Etsy store. I love how she’s making goals and putting them into action. She has many different designs and is even making sales. You’ll find Matilda at iTeenGeek.

2018 planner inserts

2018 Planner for Writers – Download for Free


2018 is upon us and I couldn’t be more excited. I love fresh starts, anticipating something new, the promise of a blank page. It’s that time of year we all think about our big goals.

Goals are important, but so are those tiny moments filled with action, because they all add up to create something amazing. It’s easy to loose track of the fragments of time we need, so here’s your 2018 planner inserts to keep you motivated and writing all year long.

Included in your gift is:

  • 2018 Planner for Writers
  • Save the Date Calendar
  • Task List
  • Printing instructions – turns out, getting the right settings on your printer can be tricky!

There’ll be more pages available on my website soon – so stay tuned!

Stay Creative


Create Children’s Book Flyers for More Sales

Think children’s book flyers sounds a bit of an out-dated? When you release your new book, you’ll need to get word out. And while there are many new avenues you can use to promote your book, it’s a good idea to keep some of the old-school favourites such as flyers.

Children’s book flyers can be used online as an image to promote your new release. You can also print the flyers and post them out to schools, libraries and bookstores. The trouble is, once you start designing, it can be hard to work out how to layout your flyer. Hopefully, this post will help.

Step 1:

Download your free flyer template. This is a layout just to give you an idea on one way to position your images and text. It will also help limit your yearning to put in too much information. Remember, a flyer is for a novel, it doesn’t have to be a novel.

Children's book flyers for sales

Step 2:

Let’s fill it in with your upcoming book details! I’m going to give examples based on my upcoming guide for young writers (my market target for this example is teachers).


Make it short, catchy, shocking, intriguing or related to a current buzz. What could connect readers with your book? Don’t be generic with terms like ‘book launch’ or ‘new book’. For my upcoming young writer’s guide, I’d be using the heading:



What does the book offer, or what problem can it solve?

Improve students’ grades with this complete workshop

When and Where

If this is for a book launch, put in your venue details, but if it’s about a new release, just details about the locality of the author and the release date. Consumers, especially schools, will want to know the publication is current.

Queensland release, January 2018

Book Blurb

Keep it short! One or two brief and punchy paragraphs about the book. If this is for a fiction book, you can use your back blurb (which should also be VERY short). No, the reader does not need to know that your characters once crossed paths in a diner, but at the time were both involved with other people, one of those other people having commitment issues due to abuse as a child because their mother had a drinking problem and their father was distant… NO. Just no. Write it short, then shorten it. A lot of authors, especially Indie authors, sabotage their book’s success by rambling on in the blurb. For non-fiction, an overview of what the book offers.

Students will love the fun activities and tips to bring out their most amazing descriptions and story ideas. They’ll be begging to write more creative pieces with this method that takes them from basic to master storyteller… and every lesson is planned for you!


Preferably testimonials, but if that is not available you can choose the best line from your book.

Thank you, my students are now writing at a much higher level, they’re even winning literary competitions!

Author Bio

You don’t need to say much here, keep it short and relevant to the book.

Charmaine Clancy is the best-selling author of humorous adventures. She also teaches and designs lessons for High School Literacy and presents writing workshops for students, teachers and writers.

Call to Action

Tell the reader exactly what you want them to do.

Order your class set today!

Product Details

Include ISBN, page count, product type (hardcover, paperback, ebook) and price. Also include any special discounts for bulk buys.

Clear Instruction

If orders are online, provide the link directly to the order page, or include a form if orders are via mail. Do not send people to your homepage of your website, send them to the purchase page.

Contact Details

Keep with the theme of minimal. How would you prefer your clients to contact you? Use your publishing house name and an email or phone number. Don’t list every link you have (like Facebook, Twitter, Skype, etc).

Hot Doggy Digital Press – sales@HotDoggyDigitalPress.com

Okay, I hope this post helps you to promote your next event or book with a snazzy flyer!