17 Reasons to Attend Writing Retreats

You’ve got a manuscript to finish, obligations and a million ‘to-dos’ on your list, so why would you drop everything to attend writing retreats?

Benefits of Writing Retreats

  1. Inspiration – creativity is contagious; by surrounding yourself with other writers, you’ll be motivated to write.
  2. Productivity – this is not a holiday or time off from work; this is focused time for your writing. Good writing retreats will send you home with pagepublishing seminars and pages of words on the page. Your words.
  3. Deadlines – most retreats offer the opportunity to share your work; which means you’ll need to have something ready to share.
  4. Contacts – you’ll meet fellow writers, influencers and industry professionals at these gigs. You might gain a contact who can help you get your manuscript read by your favourite publisher, or a well-known author who will endorse your next book. Best of all, you’ll make true friends, people who understand your passion for stories and encourage you through your journey.
  5. Professionalism – attending writing industry events shows you take your career seriously, this is something to add to your writing CV.
  6. Role17reasons Models – we all need a hero sometimes, you can be inspired and learn from mistakes and successes of established authors.
  7. Industry Knowledge – there are so many lesser know steps and details in the path from writing to publication, you’ll be amazed at the tips you pick up.
  8. Publishing Options – In today’s market, there are many ways to become a published author, learn all the choices available to you.
  9. Pitching – many events will provide the opportunity for  you to pitch your story to an agent or publisher. This could actually be your big break!
  10. Socialising – you need to practise your people skills.
  11. Marketing Advice – ‘the moving finger writes, and having writ, moves on’ (Omar Khayyám); except writers can not simply move on to their next project, they must find ways to promote and sell their work. This is a specialised skill and it’s smart to get advice from experts.story structure workshop
  12. Writing Technique – writers should always aim to improve their technique; workshops can help you sharpen your writing skills.
  13. Ideas – you’ll come away with a dozen new novels just waiting to be written.
  14. Escape – getting away from daily routines and obligations will give you a chance to breath again and refresh your creativity.
  15. Confidence – you’ve invested a lot of time into writing, these events help confirm your choices rid you of self-doubt.
  16. Tech Tips – if you’re not savvy in the ways of the online world you miss out on many marketing opportunities, learn how to ‘build a platform’ (no hammer and nails required).
  17. Reward – after all the work you’ve put in, after everything you do for everyone else, don’t you deserve this?

Charmaine Clancy co-cordinates the yearly Rainforest Writing Retreat (RWR) with Anthony Puttee, founder of Book Cover Cafe. Together with a cast of esteemed presenters, each experts in their field of writing, editing or publishing, they lure writers to a location set in the beautiful Australian rainforest, where guests will spend three days networking, learning from masterclasses, pitching their manuscript and most importantly, writing.

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  1. RWR is my new discovery. I am intrigued but I am not certain whether my timetable will
    permit me to attend without a break. And, most importantly, I should like to know whether
    RWR carries a fee. Thank you