Mystery Themed Task List

How busy is this time of year? I know, it’s crazy, right?

My project list looks a bit like this:

  • Collating and revising works for our first-ever Rainforest Writing Retreat anthology.
  • Drafting an exercise book series on creative writing for kids.
  • Planning out a new website for
  • Promotions for the 2018 Rainforest Writing Retreat.
  • Revisions for ‘The Invisible Kid’ and  ‘Accidental Mystery’.
  • Managing the creation of a new game app.
  • Organising the release of two Audiobooks from my catalogue.
  • Building a tiny house (that’s turning out not so tiny) for my daughter.
  • Teaching and general life stuff.

When things get hectic, I need to write it all down. There is no app that can replace pen and paper when I’ve got this many projects. My weekly PLANNER FOR WRITERS helps, because I designed it to perfectly suit all the creative business projects I run. If it will be useful for you, it’s yours to download free. To manage day to day tasks, I created this writerly task list. You’re welcome to download and use it too (just click on the picture or this link for the PDF). Here’s wishing you a productive week!
free download planner insert task list


Self-publishing in Australia — starting out

I often visit writers’ groups and talk about self-publishing in Australia. Afterward, there is always the same question—Isn’t it easier to let a traditional publisher do all that work?

Yes and no.

Indie publishing is hard, but it’s not work. Not if you are passionate are producing the best product you can. Not if you treat it like a business, with lots of steps you need to take, but a business you love.

Sometimes the hardest part is just finding the right steps to take. Cutting out all those false starts. Hopefully I can help you there. I’ve compiled all the current (likely to change again in the future) steps you need to take to set up your business as a publisher in Australia. All the links to government sites and a breakdown of the tasks is included in this booklet. Feel free to download it and share it with others. You do not have to sign up for anything to get it (but hey, if you’d like to join my list for whenever I have other freebies you’d be most welcome).

I always welcome feedback, so drop me a line if there’s anything you suggest changing or adding to this booklet to make it more helpful for other Australian writers.


Be Your Own Publisher

How to Host a Children’s Writing Workshop

Children's writing workshopOne of the funnest jobs I have is running children’s writing workshops. Not only is it lots of laughs, but I’m always absolutely amazed by the incredible level of creativity in children.

Presenting workshops is a good way for authors to earn income and to build their profile. But the best reason to host children’s writing workshops is because it provides you with the chance to do something great for your community.

For gifted children, writing workshops enable them to hone their skills and provide a platform for them to share their works. Workshops also have many benefits for children who struggle with literacy. Children’s writing workshops should always put the focus on fun and creativity, in a way that English classrooms often miss. This is not a place for strict guidelines or constant nagging about spelling or punctuation or choosing a higher tiered word.

how to teach children to write storiesChildren should have the opportunity to showcase their creativity and storytelling abilities (and ALL children have great storytelling skills) regardless of their literacy rating. Have your kids leave your workshops proud and energized about writing and they’ll want to do more of it. That’s the real key to building literacy skills. If they enjoy it, they’ll write more, if they write more, they’ll improve.

Not sure how to start hosting your children’s writing workshop?

Fellow children’s author, Karen Tyrrell, and I recently presented a workshop on just this topic and I’ve put together a checklist from all our points. Download it, print it and use it to plan your first children’s writing workshop!

free download how to run a workshop checklist