Creating unique character descriptions – for costumes!

cosplay characterThink about your favourite books from your childhood and the characters you fell in love with. What did they look like? Got a clear picture of that character in your head? I’ll bet you do.

Unforgettable characters have unique physical indicators, or at the very least, an individual fashion sense. Just naming characters such as Huckleberry Finn, Harry Potter, Miss Marple conjures up images of the character.

How do you know if you’ve created a memorable character description? Here’s an easy test.

Can fans dress up as your character?

creating unique charactersIf kids (or adults) can make a costume that depicts your character, then you know you’ve created a distinct image.

Unique Character Elements

Just a few examples…

Physical appearance: red curly hair, dwarf, hairy feet, long beard, wings, blue skin…

Changed physical appearance: scar, eyepatch, wooden leg, stitches, missing tooth…

Fashion: witch’s hat, cape, overalls, camouflage, houndstooth coat, fez…

Companions: small zombie dog, parrot, dragon, talking tree, little glowing fairy, white owl…

supanova_2014_cosplay_115_by_dark_merchant-d7mz8zxCan you revamp your character to make them more memorable?




  1. What a novel way of approaching this! Sometimes I address writers groups–former literary agent–and I am totally stealing this and telling everyone where I got it! This has me thinking now about things I’ve written myself, and if my characters’ appearance is too hum-drum.
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