Procrastination vs Successful Writing Goals

iuWriting can be a rocky journey. You can be full of hope and ideas in the morning, but by the afternoon have somehow convinced yourself that you’re a worthless word-hack. As a writer, developing your imagination and creativity, and ensuring you are motivated to write is essential to improving both your confidence and productivity. The issue is that everyone, writers included, experience motivational roadblocks – we get distracted, we get rejected, or we simply have one of those days (or weeks). Sometimes the thought of doing an intense task can seem overwhelming, so we put it in the growing “Do Later” pile. Before we know it we’ve taken a procrastination pit-stop/holiday. 
So how can you stick to your writing goals and thereby enhance your self-belief and quality of work? Numerous studies show people who explicitly state their intention to write are much more likely to stick to their goals. What’s more, putting your money on the line can be an even stronger motivator. Promise or Pay is a new social motivation platform that combines these two approaches to help you stick to your creativity goals by making them public and using charitable giving as an incentive.
Promise or pay reach your goalsPromise or Pay helps you stick to your writing goals by donating money to charity if you don’t follow through, and encouraging others to donate if you succeed. Whether you are a professional writer, a part-time blogger or just starting out, Promise or Pay is a perfect way to help keep you focused and inspire you to pick up that pen and make writing a healthy habit. 
writing in journalMake a promise to do something that you know will get you moving in the write direction. If you’re having difficultly writing consistently then make a promise to complete 750 words a day. If you’re having trouble staying focused, make a promise to abstain from social media. If you’re lacking inspiration, promise to finish re-read your book. Break your promise and you donate to charity. Keep your promise and your friends and family donate. Promise or Pay is the win-win tool to motivate you to practice your craft.
By expanding on traditional fundraising methods and using the power of social media sharing as leverage, my aim is to inspire millions of people to be the best they can be and, at the same time, encourage and promote donations to Australian charities. 


I love this idea. I’ve already signed up to pledge $100 to Access Arts – a great organisation providing opportunities for Queenslanders with disability to achieve their artistic goals. If this sounds like a charity you’d like to contribute, you can pledge an amount to pay if I reach my goal – If I don’t reach my goal? Then I pay!

Why not set yourself a goal to achieve? If you do, come back and leave the link to your page, so we can support you with your goal. Now… don’t you have a book to write?


  1. This is an interesting idea. I am motivated by the people around me. They are constantly asking, ‘how many words today?’ I remember being in a complete slump a few years ago when completing my dissertation for my Masters in Education. My husband was in hospital and the stress and worry kept me away from the irrelevance (that was my thinking) of completing a piece of writing. However, luckily for me, my daughter and my mother (visiting for support) made me stay up all night to complete the last task of 4 years of hard work. They stayed up with me! They had a film night whilst I hammered away at the keyboard in the solitude of my bedroom. The coffee was delivered in silence with just a loving tap on my shoulder. I finished and qualified with honours. Thanks to my Motivational Team!! My husband is now fully recovered.

    • That’s so special Nicola. What a gorgeous family you have! I find lots of things motivate me, but only for a while. I have to keep tricking myself with some new reward system. I like this Promise or Pay site, because I love the idea that charities will benefit. I’ve decided I’ll donate the money I’ve pledged to Access Arts even if I do publish my books. Worth it for the warm and fuzzy feeling 🙂
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