How to Love a Writer – or – 11 ways to support indie authors

February, the month of showing love, so how can we support indie authors we love?

Writing is fun. I won’t lie. Any task requiring imagination also involves ‘play’. But producing a finished manuscript and running your own publishing house is also hard work, so here’s some ways you can HEART the indie author in your indie authors

Support Indie Authors by:

  1. Buy the book. Every time a reader buys a book, and author gets their wings.
  2. Buy the book. Because books make great gifts.
  3. Tell friends about the book. Spread the word and spread the love!
  4. Ask your local bookstore for the book. This helps so much. If book stores hear about a novel enough, they’ll order it in.
  5. Ask your library if they stock the book. Having a book in a library makes it available to so many more readers.
  6. Read the book in public. Flash that cover about!
  7. Promote the book online. If you Pinterest, tweet, or Instagram, share the book with your online friends.
  8. Like their work. Visit your indie author’s Facebook page and click ‘Like’.
  9. List the book on Goodreads. If you keep lists in Goodreads, make sure this one’s in your ‘read’ or ‘want to read’ pile!
  10. Blog about the book. Bloggers have a lot of power to show indie authors love.
  11. Leave a REVIEW! One of the best ways to help indie authors is to leave an honest review on Amazon.

Got an Author Valentine? Here’s some pressie ideas to suit any budget.

Best Author Gifts:

  1. Gorgeous notebooks to fill.
  2. USB sticks, or a portable drive to store those stories.
  3. An engraved pen.
  4. Set up their Dropbox account.
  5. Scrivener – the best writer’s program.
  6. Get them a writer’s guide, like ‘The Plot Whisperer’.how to write fan fiction
  7. Book them into a writer’s workshop.
  8. Send them on an amazing writer’s retreat.
  9. A snazzy new laptop.
  10. A cleared spot in the house for their desk – or even better, clear out a whole room for their writing office!
  11. Hidden inspirational notes inside their diary, notebooks, on the computer screen.
  12. Arrange for them to meet you at the markets – where you’ve set up a stand and are busily selling their novels. Aww.
  13. Wear a t-shirt with their book cover printed on it to your Valentine’s date.
  14. A handmade voucher offering to take on one extra house chore to free up some writing time.
  15. If they’re not tech, set up their website for them.
  16. Buy them a membership with their local writers’ centre.
  17. A gift voucher with a printing company, so they can order bookmarks, or business cards.
  18. Buy their book.