Motivate your child to study with an awesome planner

With so many appealing distractions, it can be tricky to motivate your child to study. I can’t count how many times we’ve had emotional breakdowns in our house the night before tests and motivate your child to studyassignment deadlines because one of our daughters (or both of them) had not prepared. As a mother and a teacher, this can be frustrating.

Finally, I’ve found a method that encourages my teenager to hit the books (and even drink enough water and get to bed at a reasonable time) and I did it by accident. Here’s some things I tried, so maybe they can help your happy family too.

Motivate your child to accomplish just about anything

Use their non-productive passion to trick them 

We are a geeky household. We love Doctor Who, comic books and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. One of my youngest daughter’s favourite interests is the Batman world. She likes the comics, the video games and the series ‘Gotham’. Batman is kinda cool, but mostly she favours the villains, especially Harley Quinn.

So, with InDesign, downloaded fonts and clipart (mostly from AdobeStock), we spent some quality mother/daughter time together creating the following template.

Study planner for studentsstudy organiser for kids

She has a spot for all homework and upcoming assignments for the week, a tick list for her extra study areas and goals, a fun bubble to create riddles (I’m pretty sure you can guess which villain inspired that), a spot for post-it-notes and then the weekly planner. I negotiated to get a box for ‘Family Activity’, which usually ends up being a board game.

your child and their homeworkThe end result? She loves her planner as much as I love mine (you can get your writer’s planner free on the sidebar or below).

We’re also a little addicted to creating planners and are already ‘planning’ the next one!

You could do this with just about any topic. And if you like this one lots and lots, let me know and we’ll turn it into a template and upload it to share.

Stay creative!