Mystery Themed Task List

How busy is this time of year? I know, it’s crazy, right?

My project list looks a bit like this:

  • Collating and revising works for our first-ever Rainforest Writing Retreat anthology.
  • Drafting an exercise book series on creative writing for kids.
  • Planning out a new website for
  • Promotions for the 2018 Rainforest Writing Retreat.
  • Revisions for ‘The Invisible Kid’ and  ‘Accidental Mystery’.
  • Managing the creation of a new game app.
  • Organising the release of two Audiobooks from my catalogue.
  • Building a tiny house (that’s turning out not so tiny) for my daughter.
  • Teaching and general life stuff.

When things get hectic, I need to write it all down. There is no app that can replace pen and paper when I’ve got this many projects. My weekly PLANNER FOR WRITERS helps, because I designed it to perfectly suit all the creative business projects I run. If it will be useful for you, it’s yours to download free. To manage day to day tasks, I created this writerly task list. You’re welcome to download and use it too (just click on the picture or this link for the PDF). Here’s wishing you a productive week!
free download planner insert task list